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About me

Image000161After high school, I graduated in Foreign Languages with honours, but long before my graduation, I had already started working as a guide. It is 25 years now that I have been accompanying Italian and foreign groups of young and adult people to discover the towns of Umbria and the marvellous nature that surrounds them. Every tour is a new discovery, and each group is different because the people are always different, so the atmosphere created by the visitors in the environment surrounding them is also completely different. Since the beginning of my career as a tour guide, neither my enthusiasm nor my amazement in front of a painting or the colours of a forest in spring has ever changed.
I love history and over the years I have developed a particular interest in St. Francis of Assisi and Franciscanism as well. I also offer "interactive" visits, especially for students of Italian language who, with the help of my "guidance", can practice what they have studied in the classroom and improve their language skills.
After many years of experience as a lecturer at the University for Foreigners of Perugia, and as a travel agent I finally decided to return to my first “love”, and work as a tourist and excursion guide, thus offering my solid expertise and experience to single travellers, families or groups of friends, travel agencies and tour operators in order to create particular, unusual and captivating programmes, even for the most demanding visitors, because every corner of Umbria becomes a “special place” when accompanied by a knowledgeable guide.

They say about me:

Dear Monia,
Thank you for the remarkable effort you put into preparing the trip, for the fantastic accompaniment during the walking tours and for the information you gave us. Thanks to your commitment, our group could really enjoy "being together".
I wish the best for you and your family.
Jakob- Austria

Our short (but intense) holiday is over. We will always remember these days with nostalgia, thinking of you, too, who kept us such great company. Speaking for hours with us, you made us appreciate the beauties of your land and all the treasures it possesses. We have taken away a piece of your Umbria in our heart to the banks of the river Piave.
To our friend (and guide) Monia
Marco-San Donà di Piave

Dutiful but spontaneous thanks to Monia who guided us to discover an Assisi that we had not known before.
Exhaustive and comprehensible explanation of all the three sites we visited, full of detailed historical references.

Overall, a pleasant day that I can recommend to everyone. 
Liga2LPD da Tripadvisor

We were a group of eight friends, and it was an enjoyable visit, conducted by Ms. Monia, who made us feel thrilled about the beauties we discovered, managed to arouse our interest in the historical and social descriptions and fascinated us with the anecdotes related to the sites.
Lucio43 da Tripadvisor

Many thanks to our excellent guide Monia, who with her warm professionalism has guided us to the rediscovery of the Basilica of San Francesco. The details and curiosities never noticed before have enhanced the appeal of the visit accompanied by an attentive, comprehensive and brilliant explanation full of in-depth historical and artistic references.
CAPLOR66 da Tripadvisor

Y husband gave me these three days in Perugia, which became really special thanks to Monia, "our" tourist guide, whom I send an affectionate hug, too. M & M.
P.S: I would like to recommend these wonderful people if you want to visit Umbria at its best. They are very well-prepared, they know how to move around in the various city centers, and do their best to save you time and money wherever and whenever it is possible. Tell them we've sent you!

Inun b da Tripadvisor

... made us meet Ms. Monia, who was truly appreciated by everyone. She guided us to the discovery of the history and the secrets of these beautiful places with competence and kindness. She managed to keep our attention alive by telling us also many funny anecdotes that both adults and children found intriguing. A decidedly successful trip!
Federico z from Tripadvisor

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